Welcome to Billy and Deanne’s Adventures

Its tuff being a wuppy!

Welcome to Billy and Dee’s Adventures, we hope that you enjoy what we have put together. We have been married for almost 3 years now and decided to create this blog site to continue what we did with our wedding site only further it.
Hope that you enjoy us and our adventures!

The links to this site are


Why not also look at our other site “Project Motorhome! ” It was too big of a job to be a part of this site, it had to have a spot all of its own!!! Follow the journey of the rebuild of a heavily neglected motorhome
Clicking on either link will get you to Project Motorhome


Why do we have own
“.com” and. “com.au”
Because we have lots of relatives and friends that put .au on the end of everything cos they think that as we are Aussie’s it’s got to have a “.au” on the end!

Why do we have a site and what do we plan to do?

We began our wedding website http://billyanddee.weddingannouncer.com in about 2006 when we were planning our wedding. It was a wonderful way to keep friends and family plus other interested brides to be informed about our wonderful day. Our wedding is now 2 years ago, and our wedding site has received thousands of hits. The interest in little old us was mind-blowing to say the least! We enjoyed sharing such a wonderful part of our lives but as we are no longer planning a wedding the need for a wedding site seemed a bit out of place to us. So we decided to continue on in the same mannerisms of our wedding site and share our lives since our wedding.
We love to travel and we love to live life to the full, we have had many adventures and we are sure to have many more. This site will be about our adventures, things that are going on in our lives, the good the bad and so on. We hope that people will find some things informative, as well as interesting. We have families scattered all over this wonderful world site like this bring everyone closer.
We have sections on a few things and as this blog grows they will come and go as our lives and adventures grow. We hope that you enjoy this site as much as we enjoy building it. Thus far we have received some amazing reviews an a lot of wonderful support.

Much love and happy reading

Deanne and Bill

We have began a site for Merlot, he is insanely popular on Facebook but as I keep my albums private it’s easier to creat a site just for him


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