SQUEEE Doily Couture!!!

I have been SO lucky, seriously these guys not only make the most gorgeous clothing, they are amazing people!! Right now their stocks are very limited and sadly the one thing I liked most was not available. (isn’t that always the way?) but they have been so awesome to find something else to fill the void. I can’t tell you how excited I am!! Bill thinks I have lost the plot being so excited about pyjamas but he does not wear them!! He does not know how unbelievably comfortable Doily Couture jimmy jams are!! Light weight, comfortable, loose, cool on warm days, warm on cool days…I don’t get tangled up and my back stays warm, most people will know just keeping my back warm is a mega plus. Its sad that once what they have is left is gone Doily Couture will be gone forever, I have not seen anything like it on the market, the details, the little stich here, the motif there….*sigh* ♥ I am off to watch the washing machine, yes I watch it like Merlot does when I wash his bed… yes there has been a number of times when they have flown out of the dryer onto me….no one ever didn’t like warm jammies did they? Hopefully in the next couple of weeks my new stash of the bestest jimmy jams in the world are in my possession!

Dear Sarina, the awesome person behind the brand, you well and truly rock! Thankyou SO much for all your hard work, your determination, your vision and total genius to make them! I wish like crazy that one day you start selling these again, cos you have a number one fan in me!! Right now, I will just admire all your stunning artwork!! ♥
Many thanks once again, you and your hubby have been total gems!



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