Argh, not the heat again

Most know that I have great difficulty with heat. I am REALLY lucky to be blessed with some wonderful friends who whenever I am at their houses they turn the cooling up or make sure that I am ok.  I never ask, they just know and for that sort of kindness I am eternally grateful. I do feel bad when I am sitting there in short sleeves and light pants while everyone about me is all rugged up. I wish I could change it, I wish that I did not have the problems I do with heat, I really hate it. Overall though I have been lucky with friends, family and guests, with the exception of FIL who seems to find it funny in cranking the heat right up whenever we visit (though cooling will be on for show in front of other guests) and some of the worst house guests we have ever encountered in our entire lives, in fact we have never seen such individuals before or since, LOL! 
The house we are in, well it’s an older home but exceptionally well looked after,and we really love being here. Throughout winter I was fine, the house kept at a really nice temperature that I was comfortable with. We rarely had our heater set more than low. We thought that we might be ok for the warmer months, well till the first of the warm days hit and the inside of the house was equal to the outside of the house and majorly stuffy.
Needless to say it was not that good for me, the heat really affects me and it’s almost impossible for me to do some of the most simplest of things, like eat a meal. So we had to act really fast, lucky, luck was on our side and we were able to find some cheap insulation to install. We had bought r5.5 for our own home and we sold off the extra, funnily what we sold would have been just about enough to have done this house!! LOL. If we had known we would have kept it but trying to store all those bags of insulation is a bit of a nightmare.
So as I said we found some cheap stuff and set about putting in in, in fact at the time of typing this up we are still waiting on if we could put it in or not, but time waits for no-one, though I reckon that our landlord must love us we have done a number of things to improve the place!!
There was almost no insulation in the house and what was there was really old and thin, at a guess about a 1.5 to 2.5’s. The stuff we got was 3.5’s so Bill put this on top of the areas that had insulation and everywhere else, there is still a bit more to go in but we are limited by his work hours and temperature. The other day was about 26 degrees and in a nutshell this is horrendous conditions up in a ceiling, but he kept at it, sadly he knew the time limit we had and the closer we get to summer the less chance we have of getting it in.
Our other house we had put up some really heavy drapes that we made, we put these up to keep the cool in and heat out in summer and vice-versa in winter. As luck would have it the lovely people renting the house were not using the curtains, so we picked up the ones that they were not using and they fit perfectly to the areas we needed here. They are great curtains, 100% block out and heavy, so they will most certainly help stop the heat coming in here. So fingers crossed that this summer is not too rough, we can already notice the difference too. I guess one major point is energy consumption, the other day the air con in our room was running heavily to try to keep the room cool. When I turned it off the room very quickly began to heat up, it was crazy TBTH! Then after the insulation went in, well it was not running as heard and the room help temperature.


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