Royal Mail hotel

Nothing is ever too small for them, seriously the way we are looked after every time we go there, it’s amazing. Tonight I ordered yet again something not on the menu, they were happy to make it. It was not something drastically different, a schnitzel with some garlic butter with salad instead of a parma with chips and salad… But I want to illustrate how happy they are to accommodate. We have asked for a cheese platter for when we are in, this is most definitely not on the menu, but yet again they are happy to accommodate. Late last year I was feeling very unwell so sadly we had to cancel the platter, we know they had it specially prepared too, they were not annoyed, it was “see you when you are next in!” We thought that due to my health and issues with heat that it was best to only have platters on cooler nights and yet again they are more than happy to accommodate. Ask yourself where have you been that will make something especially for you based on weather??
Now obviously this is not something they can do for everyone, no business can do this but what I want to highlight is the EXCEPTIONAL customer service by this amazing country hotel. Seriously of you ever come to Wonthaggi, go to Archie’s Creek, go to the pub and have yourself a feed, it’s well worth it…
While I am at I, best you come every second and forth week of the month and chill to the sounds of the Twangfest, you are gonna love it!!



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