Dear sisters, a vent!

This vent is about the upcoming cruise we are going on! Belinda herself chose where to go, if either of the two of you had any interest in her life you would realize this is a massive thing!
The next most massive is the entire year she has been looking online, going to travel agents, reading books learning about New Zealand. I again tell you both look at what Belinda is achieving!!! She also SAVED for her fare and her spending money, yes your sister who blows money as fast as she has it saved near $3000! Major, huge, massive!
Factor in she is on an incredibly tight budget too, this was no easy thing. You cannot begin to imagine how hard it was for her to not go out for a coffee and cake, reduce her smokes and cut back on some of the very rare small luxuries she gets!
But not only did she do this so did R! A massive achievement by the both of them! Bill and I are paying and have paid for all the other stuff, this was our promise to them, like all the activities, their passports, plane tickets…. No we are not saying this for a pat on the back either but heck it would not hurt you to send them a card of congratulations, or some $ our way to help with the expenses. Get off the soapbox, quit the jealousy and most of all take a step back and look at what Belinda has achieved and be bloody proud! I know we are!
End rant!


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