Calling all Pledger Family Members!

A few days ago I began to add family members into the family section on Facebook, it got me thinking..through the power of Facebook it has been wonderful to find family members that I never knew and I am sure that is vice-versa. It was wonderful to be at Jasmine’s wedding just recently and hear someone call my Uncle “Pop” and a cousin “Dad” people I did not know before other than on Facebook. I have been to many a family function where we have joked that it would be wonderful to get the entire Pledger family together and thus far not much has really happened.
So I have set up a Facebook page and this page for those who do not have Facebook, to keep you also in the look
So A big call out to the Pledger Family from Grandma Maudie’s children and their children and so on…When we get a date and a venue it would be wonderful to do a proper family tree, say put a massive sheet of paper on the wall and everyone can fill in the blanks….or something like it!
Lets get knowing our Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Nieces…….

Click to go to the Facebook Page

Facebook Page

The reunion will take place on the 20th December 2012 at our house, family wishing to attend please go to the Facebook page and message us or message us here.
Dee and Bill


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