Dees Photo Fun

There is no surprise that I enjoy to take photos, in fact I have a lot of fun taking photos, there is something special about capturing a moment in time. I am not a photographer and I do not claim to be, I am just mere little me, just having fun

Over the last few months I have made a few blog posts and posted a number of photos on Facebook, so I have decided to pull all the bits and pieces and keep it all in one area. This is to show the interwebs world what I have been doing and to see for myself as things progress.  Many of my images are available at Cr8ive Prints if the image that you would love to purchase is not posted on the site, just drop me a quick line and it can be arranged. The team at Cr8ive Print work to the highest possible standards and create quality work. Canvas prints are a wonderful gift and are loved by many. So pop on over there, tell them yours truly sent you 🙂

New Camera (27/6/2011)

There is no surprises that I (Deanne) like to take photos, you only need look at the dozens of albums there is on Facebook! However most of the photos I have on Facebook are taken with my phone or with my little point and shoot camera. (Nikon P90)

We were in Hong Kong in 2006 and bought a Nikon D70s, its was an amazing camera and I just adored it, little bit by little bit I learned the functions and how they worked. I don’t think I will ever fully learn how to use all the functions on that camera but it’s been an amazing start into the SLR world

Our friend Jules, well I just LOVE his work and am constantly inspired by the photos that he takes. Its the same with another great photographer friend Clare, I just adore her work, especially baby photos, they are just stunning.

Anyhow I don’t want to be a photographer, this is not the point of this entry, I will leave that to Jules and Clare, after all they did all the schooling and study. It’s a pet hate of mine (and I am sure theirs) for someone who happens to take wonderful photos, goes out, buys a great camera, gets a few compliments and then BAM they are peddling themselves as a “Photographer”! This post is to say I enjoy photography and taking photos and I would love to know more about photography via online and short courses. I love learning something new particularly when it is something that I enjoy PLUS with the digital age, make a mistake, delete then try again, LOL!.

The recent short course that I attended was fantastic and really got ideas flowing and the online course I have my eye on, from it I hope to use my camera much more to it’s fullest potential. There is no point paying out all this money for a product you don’t use to its capabilities I say!

During the course I recently attended I realised the limitations of my D70s, kind of sad as it is not all that old but I guess that’s technology for you!! I had been looking at a new camera for some time but was not fully sure what type but I did know I was going to stick with Nikon! So for some time I searched and found the D7000, it ticked all the boxes and will do the things I want and will not be over the top for what I will use.

So here is a few pictures that I took with the D70s and the D7000, I want to keep practising and enjoying myself and hopefully over time take some really good photos.

Barbed wire, inspired by a photo Jules took that I just LOVELadder against the houseThe amazing area we live inOur house at night (spooky tree to the left)Our Spooky TreeStarlight looking towards the Desal PlantPhillip Island PierPhillip Island PierPhillip Island PierRhyll PierSunset

More Photo Fun (2/8/2011)

On the 21-25 Bill and I were in Sydney, the 22-25 was a Food and Wine Cruise, here are some photos that were taken while on the cruise and a few photos that were taken on the 25th, at Taronga Zoo

This was taken just as we were leaving the bay in Sydney, as you can see the weather is not that great and we are about to head into some rough waters.This one I had put onto canvas, with the help of a great bargain from Spreets!! I cut out the boat though because where the canvas wrapped around it was going to be on the edge and look strange.

Since getting this printed I have been very lucky to be in contact with a great company that sells amazing canvas’s banners and so much more. Head over to Cr8tive Prints they have very competitive prices and amazing quality products! I know I will be using them!

Leaving the heads of Sydney and going to the swells

Sydney!! What a city!! I wished I had brought along my wide angle lens to have gotten this a bit more close in.


This was taken off the side of the ship, I didn’t bring my tripod as I thought it would be useless on a moving boat, I didn’t realise we would be as stationary as long as what we were. I guess if we were not I would not have gotten this photo!!

Sydney at night

Meer Cats

Mr Percivals Mate


Bing Bing


And some more from all different times…

Spooky tree out the front of the houseSpooky tree out the front of the houseSpooky tree out the front of the houseSunset HoneyWheat weeddandelion2Dew on grassSunset in Archies CreekArchies Creek Night Skystars

Archies Creek Night Sky


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