More photo fun!

It has been a while since I last posted, but I have been having loads of fun with my photography adventures. I hit a brick wall with my assignments and rather than ask for help I just pushed it to the side, I recently asked for the help of a local photographer Alan Foon and he was more than happy to help me, he offers lessons both private and every school semester group lessons. Last year when we moved to the area I was part of one of his 4 week workshops and I went into the store asking for some advanced lessons to find out about the private lessons, so I booked him in a snap! I cannot express how much fell into place in such a short time, things that were so simple that I was banging my head against a wall about now made sense.
I really want to complete this course and I want to do more workshops, classes and online courses, I really want to learn about photography, not just the technical stuff, the fun stuff to like painting with light, composites, working with layers…. fun stuff!!

Here is some of my attempts at painting with light, each is my first attempts so please be gentle. Now that I almost have the basic principle of painting with light down pat I can now go crazy with creativity. There are loads of books out there regarding trick photography and you-tube videos, I urge anyone to give this a go, it is loads of fun. I was once told that when you take a photo what you see is what you get, but with night photography and painting with light is so much different. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to see a picture come up on my screen, it’s just light a magic trick! Now I will wait impatiently by my letter box for all my eBay orders!!

These 3 are Bill spinning coloured led lights that had been bunched up, I have my camera on a tripod and take long exposures

These were taken in our hallway using a pedestal fan, led lights, a stick, LOTS of tape and a tripod, yet again long exposures.

These ones have to be the most exciting ones to shoot, obviously there is a LOT of care and cautiousness to be applied too, you can find the way to do this on You-tube, just search for “Steel Wool Orb”.
These we did not use a whisk like the video suggests, however we do have some on the way, from eBay, of course, LOL! Bill was way too excited to help me out on this one, I guess setting fire to things is fun! Bill made a cage using chicken wire and added that to a length of wire and a ring that made it very easy to spin, something that we were not able to achieve in the led photos I first posted. I guess it is all trial and error, practice and fun and keeping it simple too. Bill followed the directions that the video suggested and I actually set up two cameras, my D7000 and D70s. Both cameras were on tripods, my remote is compatible with both cameras so I used it for one camera and just held down the shutter for the other. The next time we try this we are going to use a more open area, it was raining so I was under cover while Bill was out in the garden, sadly this ended up having our water tank chop off some of the photo.


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