Painting with light is just SO much fun!

I was told late last year than when you take a photo what you see is what you get, meaning if you take a photo of a person with a tree behind their head you are going to get a photo of a person with a tree behind their head, if not looking like it is growing out of their head. The concept is to make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and make sure that what you are shooting is what you want.
Now this is not so true with painting with light because you cant really see what you are going to get, you can only envisage it. There is a photographer nicknamed The Photo Extremist and his stuff is just awesome, he puts a whole new perspective to photography. I got the ideas a technique from his book and watching his tutorials. It is safe to say I am a big fan and I am looking forward to trying other things from his book. There are loads of photographers that you can easily do a Google search and find amazing things to inspire youThis here is what we used for or “spinning” mechanism, we began our first shots minus the paint roller and just holding on to the key-ring and found that we could get a lot better control and the sparks were further away from us. The paint roller is just a cheap one from a local hardware store, the cage we Bill made using chicken wire. We would have used a whisk but we were 1/ too impatient to wait for the ones I ordered on eBay and 2/ when they did arrive they were teeny tiny ones, way too tiny to do this. Anyhow this is what works for us and we are happy, it’s a variation on Evan’s one but fundamentally it does the same thing. I am sure that there is many other varieties out there but I guess so long as it works for your needs then that is all that matters.

This was out first ever attempt, we used bunched up LED lights, wire and the above key ring to spin with. This one was taken before we figured out using the pain roller worked best for us. We also learned to put a take in the ground which helps get a better shaped orb, as you can see though this one is not perfectly round and the light overlaps in differing areas, still not a bad effort for the first go. I anticipate it took others some time to master this and it will us.

This one I had zoomed in to get my focus right and forgot to zoom back out… DOH! Still looks awesome!!

Number #2 of forgetting to zoom out! LOL

YAY! Finally zoomed out! LOL

Getting a little creative…..

And a wheel! We tried this again at a much higher spin rate and the sparks flew incredibly high my lens was just not wide enough to capture the whole image so we will try this again in one of the nearby fields after the next rains

This one Bill was slowly walking forward, I hope to shoot this again on various angles too, the things I have seen online are awesome and are fantastic inspiration. This photo has gotten a LOT of attention too, so I am pretty chuffed, I have even managed to get a copycat/heckler so I guess that equates to not only is mimicry the best form of flattery but so is jealousy!!

This is a bunch or LED shoelaces all tied together and anchored to a stake, Bill is slowly walking keeping the led’s as taught as he can and just slightly raising and lowering his arm. I think it looks like a special effect from an 80’s movie!!

This is the same lights as the previous shot only being spun like a skipping rope.

These two are done with led’s and a pedestal fan, there needs to be more tweaking using this method but we will get there. The fun is in the trying!


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