Some more photo fun!

With my camera body replaced I feel like my D7000 is a whole different camera!! It’s wonderful!! I am really enjoying my course and my desire to learn is already having me look at more courses. I do know that they are online courses and I do hope that I can do well in them, it’s an impossibility for me to go to a mainstream school, (as much as I wish that I could). I hope that you enjoy the following photos…more to come too!!



There is something really awesome about the “student” status and that is the ability to get cheaper software Smile So I have purchased Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS5!! (SQUEEE) I have been using Photoshop CS3 for a while, it’s a program that I would love to know more about and since the beginning of the course and knowing that most things refer to CS5 I thought that it was best to update the system. I have never used Lightroom and the last week or so I have been having a bit of a tinker about. Well what can I say but this program is really simple to use and has many wonderful features. Basically cuts out a lot of the stuff that you would have to do in Photoshop. I still prefer Photoshop though, I guess it’s like an auto car and a manual car, though I do like the ability to watermark you photos as you upload them. Bear in mind that this is also my initial opinion, it will probably change as the months go on. LOL
Here is a few more piccies


I have been saving for a while to get a backdrop stand and backdrops, I searched almost every possible place I could think, I did look at eBay but was not too sure of the quality of the fabric that I would get. I discovered Backdrop Source and their prices were wonderful, a little too wonderful… I mixed up feet and meters and ordered the wrong size, the size too small, doH! No matter, I was fast enough to get them to alter the order and it took a bit longer to get but I finally received my backdrop kit a couple of days ago. So along with my lights we set it all up and away I tinkered. Obviously I do not know what I am doing, I have only ever used a studio once and that had everything set at the click of a button, my set up it not so sophisticated but it will very much suffice my needs. I am sure that as I progress with my schooling I will understand more and the more I tinker also the more I will understand. Anyhow, the following is my first attempt at using my “Stu-Dee-o” Laughing out loud


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