The Archies Creek Night sky

I have been taking photos of the night sky, I am not fully sure what I am doing but I am not worried, I am having fun trying! I never said I was a photographer, just learning to take better photos and I can say I love it!! It has been trial and error, but I figure if I keep trying one day I will get it right, well I hope.
The focusing is the bit where I have the most difficulty, there is no auto focus on stars!! LOL! It’s also not easy to see through the viewfinder to focus either, so it’s pretty much blind. Well for now it is, I am sure there is a better way and I am sure one day I will find that better way but for now, it’s me, my tripod, the remote and lots of practice! Here are some photos from yours truly, some I have had another crack at editing now I have better software. But anyway, here they are……



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