Gotta Lynda?

You gotta get a Lynda!

Friendship to me is a two way street, it’s give and take. It’s not I gave you $50 you give me $50, it’s more than that.  A true friend is someone who you can tell a secret and they will bury it, it’s a person who you may not see in months but the moment you speak to one another you take up where you last left off as if a day had never passed.  A friend knows when you need them and knows when to take a step back. A friend hears you, listens to you, they are there no matter what. You know they are there even if you have not spoken to them, you know they are there even if you can’t see them. They are the true friends.  A friend has shared life with you, a friend has laughed and cried with you, they have fought with you and hugged a moment later, they are not afraid to say what they feel and not afraid to say sorry. A friend is honest with you and is straight up, they know they won’t offend.

I have one of these friends!! I sure do, her name is Lynda. Lynda and I go WAAAAAY back, I can’t remember the date, Lynda probably can’t either she is sooooo old!! Hahahaha! I think it’s about 16 years now, wow, a lifetime!!People like Lynda’s are far and few, there is not many Lynda’s in the world, I am lucky to have one of them! One is more than enough, they are so precious and shine so bright that one is all you will ever need.
I met my Lynda while we were working at Highway 31, what an experience that was!! One day we would be getting on like a house on fire, next minute we were killing one another. We had the traditional Chef and Waitress volatile relationship. The owner often ran and hid for his own safety!! Then we would confuse them as the very minute that service was over we would be sharing a bowl of cheesy chips and laughing.  No quarrel ever lasted long, it’s the makings of good friends really, never taking it personally, never making it personal either!
Lynda has had her share of hurt and when I met her she was healing from a great deal of sadness. Yet she was still holding down a job and running a house filled with 3 teenage girls. I just do not know how any person could do that; it would and was so difficult to make ends meet. Just putting a meal on the table was a challenge in itself, it was wonderful that her eldest daughter worked and put money into the house. Lynda’s girls have always been like that, they have always thought of the family as a whole over just themselves, they are the kindest girls you will meet. They each went through the normal teenage things, growing in the area they did, lots of up’s and downs and a lot of struggles along the way. Things could have been so much worse, all too often you see people get mixed up in heavy drugs or crime and so much more because of all this. Not these girls, they are Lynda’s girls, they are tough strong and independent. They have grown into wonderful women too, they don’t blame the past for the present and they suck it up and get on with it. They fall down, they dust the kneecaps off and continue on, Lynda taught them all along that they have to stand on their own two feet if they are to get anywhere. After all this is what Lynda was forced to do, Lynda got no breaks and no platters given to her, she had no option but to get on with it. She could have sat down in a heap, done nothing and whined all about it. This is not who she is, she wanted to make sure she did the best that she possibly could to make sure that her girls had everything that they needed. They were never spoiled and never had any luxuries, they had what they needed. They didn’t get the latest fashion item or coolest toy available, they understood. They are Lynda’s girls!
Lynda is an amazing woman she has had to deal with more than her share of heartache, for her and I to be on the phone at 2am was not out of the ordinary.

15 years ago I said to Lynda, if Bill and I get married “You’re going to be my Matron of Honour” I think that she forgot. There was never ever another person that I could think that could fit this role. No-one! Not one person I know was even close, don’t get me wrong, I do have friends that I am close to and hold in high regards but Lynda is a stand out. Even with her fire engine red hair mishap!! (I bet she is reading this saying “you had to go there”, hahahahaha) Truth be told we had a hell ride planning our wedding.  There were a number of people that thought it was their right to make what should have been joyous, hell. These people and incidents will never be forgotten ever and these people will go down in our history as the people who marred our wedding planning.
There was rarely a day that went by that I did not hear from Lynda, she knew all the tiny details and the big ones too. She knew the hell we had been put through, she like us would constantly shake her head as so much of what was going on was from family, people too selfish to think beyond themselves, people who could not think that this was our time not theirs.  Lynda always was there with the right words to say or no words cos sometimes that was the right thing to do!! Lynda just instinctively knew what to do, you see that’s what Lynda’s do they just know!!
Lynda was there for all dress fittings and trials and really every single thing that was needed. Someone said to Lynda “You’re too old to be in a bridal party”!! WTF She may have been the oldest in the bridal party but only by a couple of years. I was very much looking forward to our wedding day, I was dying to see Lynda all dressed up, I knew that jaws would drop. Lynda was going to have a full makeover.  The night before the wedding I had organised a pamper night in, something that Lynda has never done. Lynda is worth the pampering and so much more, as I knew what was going to happen I knew that she was going to look dynamite on the day. I don’t think that Lynda will ever forget me yelling out “OMG you have eyebrows”!!  On the wedding day she did look dynamite, totally stunning through and through, I was so stoked and I knew she would look fab, I knew jaws would drop and they did!! Onya Lartay, told yuh so mayyyyte!!

I could go on and on about my friend Lynda, we have been many places and I am not talking travel, we have done many things and shared almost a lifetime already of memories. A friend is the person that you can rely on, a person who you love and they love you back, a person whom just knows what you’re doing. We don’t need to talk to each other every day, we just know that the other one is there. We know that it could be the early hours of the morning if one needed the other she would be there. Not many understand the bond we have, they don’t understand the friendship we have, only we do. We are friends, true friends! So be kind to Lynda’s they are wonderful creatures and if you happen to have your own Lynda you are a lucky person indeed! I should know!


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