Professional Wedding photos

Our day was truly amazing neither of us stopped smiling all day. To see all our wonderful family and friends all with the biggest smiles on thier faces was so dear to the both of us. Everything was just perfect, the weather the food the venue the cars and most importantly our marriage and being able to share that with our loved ones. We had a pretty big wedding and if we were to do it all over again we would do the same. Seeing kids coloring in and playing and people dancing, seeing family from near and far. So many people have told us it was “The Wedding” so many even 2 years after still burst with joy when they talk about how much they enjoyed themselves
Our photos were taken by not only a great friend but an amazing photographer, Julian Murphy! Jules is the owner operator ot Jules Photos, not only does he do weddings but he does glamor shoots, family shoots and so much  more. Being Julian’s friend we have been privvy to seeing his work many times so we were fully confident that we would get what we wanted. We did not want arty, farty heavily edited, tons of special effects or a hundred photos of inanimate objects just because those objects happened to be near by!  Julian can be contacted at or

Please enjoy the photos of our day. We certainly love and adore them, they are truly a perfect refection of our day.

And a photo from the Maggie Sottero Website 🙂


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