Belinda and Ralph get married!!!

This page is to share all the photos  from the day for those whom do not have Facebook. Here is what I wrote on Facebook

”A wedding should reflect the Bride and Groom and the things that makes them happy. Belinda and Ralph have been together for 7 years now, to get to this point with all the struggles they have clearly shows they are soul mates. As most know they live in supported accommodation and Bill and I are their guardians. We helped them plan their wedding but the main steps was up to them. Ralph took the very big step to talk to the minister and from there things moved forward.
I am totally taken aback at the amazing people that helped make their day come true, the generosity is just overwhelming.
To chose their wedding colours we asked them their fave colours… Black, Blue, White…..
Belinda says the last time she wore a dress was in school, so there was no way she was going to frock up. So she chose a nice pants and top, I chucked a fascinator on her head and found some flowers on eBay.
Ralph would never do the whole suit thing either, it would just not be comfortable so he wore black suit paints, white shirt, bow tie and a vest.
The whole day revolved around the two of them and their wishes, including physical abilities. The church even made sure that they had a chair to sit on through the ceremony!!
The ceremony was at 2pm and afterwards it was light refreshments and snacks in the adjoining hall…. party pies, sausage rolls, pikelets, little cakes, coffee, tea, soft drinks and mini bags of chips!!
4:30 they retired to their room at the motel (also walking distance) where Bill helped them organise what they wanted for their wedding morning breakfast… Another fave Bacon and Eggs on Toast!!
At about 7:30 we took them to dinner at the hotel (next door) where Ralph had his fave food Fish and Chips and Belinda a Chicken parmy.
By 9pm they were incredibly tired and went to bed to watch a movie. All in all an amazing day.”


And finally some videos


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