To dress for a cruise!

After totally emptying out and repacking both Belinda and Ralphs wardrobes it was clear to see that there is a need for some more clothes for the cruise. Its incredibly hard to fit clothes to them because Belinda is short and wide and Ralph is tall and thin. So Ralph will fit a kids waist and adult legs and Belinda kids legs and a plus sized waist. So we could go out and shop like we have in the past and spent hours taking things in and up or we could just buy some fabric and patterns and alter to suit.
I am making some things that Ralph and Belinda like to wear especially for when they are in their room and for Ralph to keep him neat yet warm. Some might say track pants are not the best but a neat pair of track pants and a neat jumper will be more than fine for a stumble to the buffet or a night-time movie under the stars.
So far there is a bundle of jumpers made, track pants for Ralph and dress pants and tops for Belinda. The tops for Belinda particularly the one pictured is a lightweight cotton so she can wear it poolside or in the pool if she wishes. I am making a few more tops in a few other designs so that she will have nice clothes to wear for dinner. As for Ralph well my sewing skills are not that great to make shirts and men’s dress pant’s so we have bought him some things.
We have their suitcases here with us and the day before the cruise we will take them up to Belinda and Ralph and with the things we have made and their own things and hopefully they both feel fab and look it!




And the first batch of clothes other than the legs needing taking up they fit!!


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