This IS the year for US!

Sorry folks its been a long time between posts! But we have a bit of a belated new years resolution… This is going to be our year! It’s been a rocky start, Christmas and new year was pretty rough, we are still licking the wounds from the events that transpired but we are slowly getting there. It’s just not worth it really, energy should be better spent on all things positive!
So this is going to be our year, the year were we stop being as generous as we have been and start thinking about ourselves, I wanted to begin this year on this blog in a more positive way and this is going to be the beginning of all things more positve!

Should everything go well Bill and I will be beginning a new adventure in Wonthaggi. Bill will be working on a very exciting project, the Desalination plant, we were lucky to go down to the site a few weeks ago and in a nutshell WOW! Its the most biggest site that I have ever seen, its going to be an amazing project and an amazing adventure. We will be moving down that way, though we are not quite sure yet where we will be we are going there on the 23/3/11 to have a look at rental possibilities.
We want to make our home there, “home” we want to enjoy our time down there and make the most of the year ahead of us. Just as we are going to enjoy the benefits we are doing the same for who will be staying at our home. We want someone to enjoy the ability to have some cheaper rent, a wonderful home and hopefully get ahead just like we will. Don’t anyone bother to contact though as we have found the most perfect people to fill the spot and we could not be more overjoyed.
Over this next year I hope to keep you updated on our new home and our new adventures……

We also have some more exciting news, we are going on a cruise!! (Happy Dance) well firstly we will go on a little one, it was my Valentines day gift to Bill this year, a 3 day P & O Food and Wine themed cruise. It basically does a loop from Sydney and back. We are sure that it is going to be a lot of fun as are we very much looking forward to it. We will get to Sydney the afternoon before and hope to have a wonderful evening while we are there then wake to begin the adventure of our first ever cruise!
We are also going to be doing another cruise but this one is not till early 2012, its a 30 day Circumnavigation of Australia, though we could only afford the broom cupboard we don’t care, in fact we don’t see the point in anything much more, we only sleep there. We don’t see the need to be in high cost suites that you rarely will be in, we don’t live that way, nor have we travelled that way in the past, its just not for us really? Why have a big room to sit about in that when you have a whole ship load of adventures to go on!
The pictures above show the routes that we are going on, as there was not a full 30 day cruise we joined the cruises together, so Melbourne to Sydney and then Sydney around the block a little bit up and a little bit down low and voila!

Dawn Princess Promo Video 28 Night Around Australia Cruise

December 2011

Well the year is coming to a close and it has been a wonderful year, it was not without it’s ups and downs but it was most certainly a year where we gathered new strengths. We have learned to not be so giving and not be so helpful, we have learned there is a reason why some people don’t have many friends too! We gained new strengths, to say NO, to walk away and wash our hands of those that were only out to take. Friendships are a two way street, they are not giving to receive they are about being there for each other as you can. When we realised in March a whole bunch of things it was a turning point in our lives, to not put up with people that are using us. It’s not all doom and gloom, we have taken a great positive out of two very horrible negatives and have gained a new strength, the ability to say NO! The ability to say “I will no be treated this way” and the ability to walk away, wash our hands of the negative people that were infecting the good in life.

We went on a 3 night cruise in July, it was filled with lots of glitches that made us just laugh, delays here, delays there, it did not matter, we had fun. The night before the cruise we met up with my gorgeous cousin and her hubby and we all went to Quay in Sydney. It is ranked number 1 in Australia and 26 in the world, needless to say almost six months on we still daydream about how magic that night was…

We moved to Archies Creek, this has been amazing, its our own little utopia, rolling hills, luscious green grass, Kookaburras, Cows, Foxes and more…. Beautiful! We have felt like we have been here forever and the more we are here the more we want to stay. We had always wanted to live in a place like this and now we are here we love it. We are hoping that the property prices in the area go down because we would really love the opportunity to stay here. Keep your fingers and toes crossed, who knows what 2012 will bring!

Deanne began a photography course…. as well as a few workshops in the area, it’s been a wonderful experience, I hope that 2012 brings more learning to me!

Belinda wants to go on a trip….Belinda, Deanne’s elder sister turned 40, she told us some places she would like to go to and we are taking her!! This is perhaps some of the most exciting recent event ever and we won’t say much but 2012 is going to be amazing for her.

We are now less than 100 days away from our big cruise and we could not be more excited, we have discovered a new hobby, Geocaching so when we go on this trip we are really going to have a bit of fun with this!


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